SPI Luxury Rentals

Our mission is to create lasting memories for our guest by seamlessly going above and beyond.

SPI Luxury Rentals features properties that feel special and give our guests that unique sense of being at home while on vacation. Each home is stocked with cooking equipment, towels and other items designed to make you feel right at home.

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Cabin Inspired Beach House

Hibiscus Street Cabin (Beach side)

1 King
2 Queen
4 Twin
Sleeps 12+

This is the perfect beach house for a family or friend vacation.

The Hibiscus property is the perfect rental property for a family vacation. The home has a beautiful and classic exterior matched with a vintage cabin interior designed for hosting large groups comfortably.

Just seconds from the beach

Walk to the beach

Triplex with private Pool and Yard

Atol Street Triplex (Beach Side)

6 Queens
2 Doubles
2 Twin
Sleeps 16+

3 separate apartments in 1 building with private fenced backyard, pool and grill.


Walk to the beach

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Hibiscus Beach House

front of hibiscus

Atol Triplex with Private Pool

Front of Atol